Economic review from Piemonte and Italy

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Editorial & Opinion

The challenge of reviving investment by SMEs

Today, after the prolonged crisis, it is essential to encourage new investments in the industrial system.

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Cover story

Innovative Start-ups in Piemonte

The Chambers of Commerce network has launched several programmes to support new businesses, which focus on tax reductions, the protection of industrial property, financial statement analysis, internationalisation, research and technological innovation.

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Regional Economy

The index of socio-economic internationalisation in Piemonte records another positive performance

In a world that is becoming increasingly globalised, it is impossible to disregard relations between local economies and the world economy, particularly in view of the fact that internationalisation currently represents the primary path chosen to inject new capital into the local manufacturing fabric, maintaining its high level of productivity and competitiveness.

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Trends in Piemonte's Economy

The long path to recovery for the Eurozone, Italy and Piemonte

The recovery of the world economy gathered pace in the second half of 2013: the expansion of the advanced economies and stronger growth of the economic activities of the emerging economies have allowed the world economy to sample a positive phase that was more robust than the forecasts prepared in the Autumn of 2013.

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Piemonte: a region full of opportunities

Bryn Jones, Business Development Manager of TRILIX srl (a Tata Motors subsidiary)

Filippo Sertorio, Proprietor and Chief Financial Officer of Farmaceutici Procemsa Spa of Hydro Energia Srl

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Recent measures to encourage economic development and to increase the influx of capital into Italy

Among other measures introduced by the 2014 stability law (Law 147/2013) were a number designed to help the economic recovery, to make investment in Italy more attractive, and to strengthen companies' capital structure.

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Regional Government News

Support for Piedmontese SMEs that open branches abroad

On January 14, 2014 a programme was launched to encourage greater penetration of non-EU markets by Piedmontese SMEs, by the establishment of organisations and marketing offices abroad.

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Highlights from Europe

Italy presents the 2014 Programmatic Report

On January 29th the Italian Minister for European Affairs, Moavero Milanesi, presented to the Council of Ministers the 2014 Programmatic Report concerning the country's involvement in the design, implementation and enforcement of EU laws and policies.

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